My computer needs (again) a new motherboard. This will be its THIRD successive motherboard. I can’t believe it’s still under warranty. When I go to cafes, people actually feel very bad for me (you know – with the wireless card and the electrical tape and all) …

In other news, don’t you fret (my LARGE audience 😉 …) I WILL be recording soon. My engineer actually didn’t call me back, but I was still being completely paranoid. I ran into him at the humidor and we got to talking about all sorts of amazing things. Felt as though I was totally grokked about music school … even got to talking about DM and he knew of her teacher (I am still really upset that she did not live to see ‘Two Hands‘). So it was a really good conversation.

So I was just freaking out with all the drama – oh no, I have to just quit music and become a chimney sweep because no one wants to work with me … (not that it wouldn’t be exciting to be a chimney sweep. Perhaps I should write a chimney sweep song – although it has already been done. Do we really need more than one?) Anyway … It was the week after south-by-south-shimmydowntha’drainpipe … so what did I expect?

Well, my engineer (I know, that sounds really possessive – but it has to feel like he is or it doesn’t work) … he’s a GENIUS … is as picky as I am about absolutely everything … also seems to dislike when dj-s butcher Violent Femmes songs … and has an engineering (and personal) background that is going to make what I have to do very interesting. I’m very excited.

I just have to figure out my money situation. I have the money for the recording. But the problem is – the marimba. I decided to use most of our “standing around money” (i.e. – our music money) for paying debt (I hate paying interest). So now I have to convince everyone in my house to eat ramen (because we’re probably not going to stop smoking fine cigars …) so that I can bulk back up. Or maybe I just can’t have it both ways. I guess we’ll just have to see – because I’d also like the husband to be able to buy some uber-camera. We’ll just have to see if Mr. Bush sends us our money – and if that helps.

I have more funny stuff to write about – but I’ll have to save it. I have to frantically write out LISTS, LISTS, and more LISTS! Much to do from now ’till then! AGGGH! 🙂


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