it’s looking a little nicer on here, and a little more “me” … so I’m pretty pleased. But I’ve got “mouse cramp.” Which I think is actually sort of sad.

This is definitely a different kind of “work,” I remember now! And when you’re trying to express yourself in your professional life, well let’s just say this is very different from what I remember doing. There’s much more presentation and research involved. I’m setting up a lot more. I’m thinking about other aspects of things as well. I’m doing a lot of other things off the computer.

I have to try to tell myself that practicing Stravinsky, while seemingly not a high yield activity, is just as important and necessary for my “final mission” as waiting for phone calls and working on this blog which will eventually split into many different things (or just settle into itself on a website) … at any rate – it will just mesh into my eventual home. The goal is to have the myspace site point away from itself to a more permanent home where I do all my internet “living.” So we’ll be coming off of – which is parked and I own it (I’ve parked it). People have offered me for it, but it’s mine! 🙂

Anyway … I’ve got to sleep now. I REALLY need to go to martial arts in the damn evening tomorrow. This is important to sanity, peace, quiet, and balance in the universe.

I pray for all the trouble around us. Whatever “pray” means for me these days, because I don’t even know. I need to work on that song too.


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