1. Things came to a head, crested, and did not go boom. They went KreeeFLARvvvvv and then…

..”meh. …”

2. Consequently, I’m going to barbecue.
3. Our barbecue is REALLY awesome in Texas. The BEST in the WHOLE DAMN WORLD :) It’ll make you fat though. My husband and I are going to discuss how we don’t give a #$*% about this over brisket.
4. I like to chat about how I am actually wrong about apocalyptic doom sometimes. I’m gonna be okay and have some music to make :)
5. there is no reason to be afraid of something beautiful and wonderful and special that is coming over the horizon just because you have been torn apart for the past while. Ruining the next beautiful thing because my previous mistakes ruined me would be dumb indeed.
6. i don’t care about scandal. i don’t care about bitterness. i don’t care about revenge and about ugliness anymore.

maybe i’ll make this blog a nice pale peach color or at least something less blue when i get home. i don’t know.

when love is lonely, it looks for friends.